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What Is Your (Solo) Entrepreneurial Equation?

Every person who starts a value-based business lives with the question

 of what it means to flourish in the role of an entrepreneur.



If you’ve been struggling to create traction in your business, you probably think you need more, or better marketing.

I get that.

Especially if you are a visionary or thinker type.

It can be hard to translate the depth of your work into that simple to understand “Value Proposition” or USP.

But what if this isn’t a marketing issue?

Maybe you just haven’t figured out your own Entrepreneurial Equation, those variables you need to make your business work for you on all levels.

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Deliberate Investigation

Your Entrepreneurial Equation is a personalized formula to creating and selling your most meaningful work.

When you codify your Alignment (your zone of genius) with Approach (how you package and deliver), your Results  and Relationships flourish. 

As an entrepreneur you should know a lot about yourself.

Without a strong and committed focus to the slice of work that is yours to do, there’s no path for creating a methodology.

And, you should know a lot about your audience.

How do you know what type of offer will catch fire and spread?

As a problem solver, this is the most important problem you’ll solve in your solo work.

Half of the equation comes from what you know about yourself. The other half comes from understanding the audience that you serve.


So, before you make the mistake of blaming your marketing …

take a look at what your best work actually is and how it can be shaped to fit a viable need in the market.


How to Start

There’s a quiz, a self-assessment, designed specifically to reveal how you are wired to work.

It is the first step in calculating your (Solo) Entrepreneurial Equation.

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Take the 1st step in understanding your Entrepreneurial Equation.

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Knowing your dominant strength is the first step in determining the most essential components of your Entrepreneurial Equation.



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