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Difficulty At The Beginning


The I Ching, a source of ancient wisdom, tells us that the birth of anything new is an entry into the unknown. To cross a threshold, to accomplish something you’ve never done before takes great strength of character and perseverance. But our quick-fix society makes us feel like something is wrong with us if we don’t “hit it out of the ballpark” right away, on the first try. 

So, sometimes the unfulfilled dreams we hold close to our heart become burdens because they require crossing a threshold, birthing new of ourselves. Like a backpack, we’ve been wearing all day, we don’t realize the weight until we remove it from our shoulders. We may carry our unfulfilled dreams, our possible selves, our creative ideas, the book to write or new business to launch for years.  

It seems there are only two ways to go. Shut down and suppress this silly idea or engage in all-out war with the enemy (resistance) inside. The “just do it” generation says to push, grind, hustle, and never quit or you will be a loser.

The world asks, “Are you going to be a dreamer or a doer?” as if it is so simple.

Well, my friend, if you’ve been waiting, struggling, or beating yourself up for not being able to bring your creation into existence we have something to share with you. 


Join us, dear adventurer, for conversations and learning opportunities, for community support and kind direction, for new philosophies that are as deeply thought out as they are… 

Wise and intensely practical small steps toward the big change of… 

Make a tiny but important investment in yourself, one that allows you to begin to infuse your work with Joy.

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From Exile to Mattering: The safety to risk brilliance.

How to follow the natural expression of your spirit as it creates its own safety, always and already, even and especially when you are out in the weeds, way off the beaten path.  Learn More

The Risk of Bliss: A higher calling, that pays.

How to navigate the risk of your authenticity. When following your novel leading and commitment means entering the paradox of holding the tension between becoming successful and failing well.

The World is Waiting: Resonant audiences for unconventional work.

How to open up to joy and translate that power into product. When the revolution finally sinks in, of allowing joy to lead you in your work, what is the next step? How do you define and attract your audience by helping them find you by your Joy?

Welcome the Strange(r): Peace in self becomes my work for Peace

How to live and work in your ‘not yet’ that is the source of power for creating the new. What would happen if I say, “I’m in this because I love it,” but do not yet have a neat, predetermined capsule of what “it” is?

Joy in Work: From self-interested selling to authentic difference

How to deliver your authentic work to the world without succumbing to conventional pressures to “sell.” Instead all of the conventional wisdoms of marketing, positioning, branding, funneling, and growing your business, etc. get turned inside out by a new, 21st Century understandings of dynamic Process and navigating the unknown into the Good rather than the old constraints of fixed Substance and mechanical technique to “be good at it” by some pre-existing set of external standards.

The Absolute Realities of Grace, Power, Purpose, Eros, and Magic

You are not alone; you have allies. Learn how to listen and follow their leading.



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