Service is a soul instinct.

It is innate. 

When we respond to a calling, we are saying yes to the whispers of our soul. 

Callings come at times when you least expect them and the tug on your heart is not to be ignored because it might not come again. Each time you listen and respond you build strength and increase your capacity to do the work you are here to do. 

Service takes shape as your individual contribution.  

Contributing at your highest level is the work of your soul as it frees itself from the constraints of the false self and begins to move in a spontaneous way.  It is a process chiseling away everything that no longer serves you. 

By nature, we like to add.

We’ve been conditioned to want products and services loaded with extras because it creates a perceived value. It is counterintuitive to start carving away. We aren’t likely to look for ways of doing less yet that is exactly what is needed because it opens space for something new. It is a willingness to stop doing what we’ve always done.  

When I went through the collaborative uncoupling with Abby Kerr, I knew there was something to strip away, but I didn’t know how to put my finger on it.

focus-on-what-mattersIt was not easy to get to the core of the dissatisfaction, but the clues were everywhere.

The clues were all the ways I felt separate or isolated contrasted with the ways I felt connected. 

The first clue was a connection that would happen every once in awhile when a client conversation turned to talking about where to focus efforts and how to be more discerning.  It was those particular conversations about how to hone in and focus on what matters most, that left me feeling energized. I could feel my clients relief. They had direction. They could prioritize.  And I loved being able to connect dots and bring a perspective that would energize and move their business forward.

If you have ever felt like your strengths are not being developed, if you sense there’s more you can do in this world to live in joy and service, you are in the right place. 

I’m going to give you a few specific things to do to respond to a calling but first I’ll tell you about what I did and what I learned. 

Here’s what I did to align my strengths with my calling. 

Instead of looking at the market need and trying to be of service, I did the opposite. I asked myself what it might be like to work in a way that was both challenging and energizing. I gave myself permission to acknowledge what I needed. I asked a lot of questions and looked at all the threads of my life. There were many dark nights because my purpose wasn’t clear. 

It was my wilderness experience. 


Journaling daily the words poured out and something magical happened as I allowed my desires to have a voice.

 I knew I wanted to talk about our inner experience as solopreneurs.

“I want to talk about removing blocks and facing fear.”

I felt lighter and happier in this space. 

I finally acknowledge what I wanted. 

But all I had were pieces of a puzzle.

There were all these questions:  

  • What would this offer help people to do?
  • What problem would I solve?
  • Why did I feel so called to branding my business as The Dawning Point?
  • What does dawning have to do with removing blocks?
  • How could/should I use my sales and marketing experience?
  • How could I use my persona development expertise?

It was just a bunch of concepts, all strewn out on a table, and I had no idea how to give shape to any of it.


our souls are deep with dreamsI know what it is like to feel the disconnect between what you want to do and what you are doing. 

 Sometimes your strengths and the way you work are not aligned, and it is subtle. It just feels like something is off, and you can’t put your finger on it.

It feels as if part of you is being ignored. It feels that way for a reason. When you have let fear or complacency take over you lose your wild creative spirit. 

The hardest part is confronting the fears of what will happen if you follow the longing of your heart. What will be sacrificed? What will you have to let go of?



With each chisel and carving away of what no longer fits a growing sense of peace will fill the space. 


look for the answer inside your questionThe key is to question.

Give yourself permission to look inside for the answer. It takes time and honesty within oneself.

Realizing you are entirely responsible for what you create is both an overwhelming responsibility and liberating truth.

It means a willingness to dance your dance. To let yourself be drawn to the things you love. To question and discover the answers that have been waiting for you.


What is the shape of service? 

It is the shape of you. The container created to express and embody a unique way of being. 

I’m interested in hearing about the way you think about shaping your services to be a better fit and experience.


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About the Author:

Tami Smith is the founder of The Dawning Point and creator of "Where Do You Shine" assessment which has helped self-explorers, soul seekers, and visionaries strengthen their confidence, focus, and purpose.


  1. Tamisha May 19, 2014 at 11:18 am

    Hi Tami,

    After working with you & Abby through the Empathy Marketing process, I felt an immediate urgency to create, create, create (which I don’t think there was anything wrong with as we learn from engagement). And I could probably do it all day now (create services, courses & content). The thing is though, as you develop this conversation & work, I’m more realizing this piece was a bit missing for me and is needed. I would like to (now), back up and out (a little) from that serial creation process to re-evaluate HOW I’m crafting the services and if they are allowing that highest expression of me as creator.

    I feel I’m a bit backwards right now in that I possess immense clarity in WHO and WHY I serve and WHAT she needs, but a dose of a lack of clarity in HOW I shape those services. I think I’m on track, but I think some of the things I’ve created aren’t serving me or my right client in the best way.

    Before I look at consulting, do you think the E-EQ would serve me better as a first step?

  2. Tami Dawn Smith May 19, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    I so hear you! Shaping services to fit you and still be client focused isn’t the most obvious thing. Even when we feel great about our work, there is often a small piece that is not completely in alignment with what our work is supposed to do in the world. I believe we are ever evolving and our offers need to reflect our deeper realizations.

    The E-EQ is always a great place to start. It will probably reveal a couple of insights you can use right away. I’d love to have you for a session!

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