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No doubt, leveraging strengths is considered the fast route to success, yet even self-aware people don’t know how to link their strengths to their personal brand. 

I’m going to show you how to go under the surface. Instead of just defining strengths (which you’ll learn to do in Personal Brand Prep School) you will understand how your strengths set you apart and guide you toward the work you are born to do. 

In this example: I’m taking the strengths of – Big Picture, Idea Generation, Hard Work, Highly Sensitive and associating them with colors. 


Big Picture Thinking

If you have this strengths it means you are creative, perceptive of patterns, abstract, and innovative. You see things others don’t. You live in a world that wants to make everything fit logically even if it is a square peg in a round hole. You’ve been called a dreamer or idealist and you’ve probably been told that you should be more practical.

You know the phrase “once seen can not unsee?” That is why you can’t fit the details person’s idea of realistic.

The difficulty in this strength is that you’ll often get a download and see the patterns so quickly you can’t fully explain it. It is something you know but can’t articulate with the clarity in which you see.

Big Picture Thinking strengths are almost always shared with Idea Generation and both are associated with divergent thinking.

Idea Generating 

Idea Generation is the ability to make unusual connections and brainstorm. Highly imaginative and open to experience, you thrive in new ways of thinking and problem solving.

Do you see how the strengths of big picture thinking and idea generation are similar?

That is why I’m giving them the same color. Yellow.


strength-big-picture-thinkingIt represents youth, fun, happiness, and playfulness. A feeling of optimism and opennesses are the key ingredients in seeing new ideas, possibilities, and unusual connections. The more open the mind is the lighter it is. The lighter it is the less it is bogged down with needing to be right or to have certainty. 

Hard Work

If you have this strength you are determined and you know how to persevere. You’ve developed powers of concentration and you can accomplish anything once you set your mind to it. There’s a discipline aspect where you will be committed to finding the most efficient way to reach a goal.

This strength speaks to an earthiness and grounded way of planting yourself with both feet on the ground. Everything about this strengths represents the color brown.


strengths-hard-work-color-brownBrown symbolizes “down-to-earth” organic, rich dark soil, coffee and chocolate. The color brown is wholesome, comforting and nurturing.


Highly Sensitive

If you have this strength you feel deeply, see too much, know too much and can be overwhelmed with the information you soak in. As a strength, high sensitivity contributes to your perceptive and intuitive abilities. Emotionally intelligent and empathetic towards others makes you a sought after advisor. You have a healing effect on others because they feel deeply understood and seen in your presence. This is the watery emotional realm of higher intelligence. The color for this strength can be a form of Indigo Blue, Turquoise, Magenta, or Green.

In this example, because the strength is paired with the down-to-earth qualities of hard work I would pick the color turquoise.


strength-highly-sensitive-turquoiseA blue-green earthy, caring, and creative color, turquoise represents intuitive abilities. (Magenta is a color associated with perception and intuition too but it isn’t the right color in this case)


Ready to see this color scheme?






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