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Integrating & Playing to Your Strengths

For Leaders, Strategists, Consultants, Coaches, and Solopreneurs


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In this world of quick fixes, it is easy to overlook the importance 

of slowing down, creating space, and trusting the wiser inner-voice.

It is easy to get caught in the ideas and fairytales about success.

Integrating & Playing to Your Strengths is about landing in reality.

It is about finding the ground from which your best work can grow.



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A Group Course In: Integrating 

& Understanding Your Strengths


Playing to Your Strengths is a set of practical and useful teachings and tools. In just a short time you will identify the particular way you create, what stops you from accomplishing, and how to approach your work from the most natural way of being.


“Intelligent people know others. Enlightened people know themselves.” – Lao Tzu


You don’t have to push yourself through to success. Instead, this course is about learning to leverage your strengths in a balanced, productive way!

And did I mention this is free?



What you’ll learn and do:

In Week 1: A look at your core themes and strengths in the 3 Zones of Genius. New insights to understanding strengths and their opposites. 

In Week 2:  Integrating and balancing polarities. Finding the gift hidden in your wound. 

In Week 3:  Letting go. Articulating your needs. You have the answer and will discover you have always had it. 




Abby KerrAs someone very attuned to her own personal and professional development, I thought I had the entire picture of how and why I could show up best in my business.

But then The Dawning Point’s Wired to Work framework blew the doors open on my strengths, gifts, and preferences in the context of business and creativity.

I am moving into the next iteration of my work in the world more centered, clear, and confident about how I can best serve my clients and get the most out of my solopreneurial experience.



Tamisha FordPlaying to Your Strengths was such a powerful course for me and my business. It actually ended up being a huge eye-opener for me and was an integral catalyst for re-shaping my entire business and brand for 2015. Seeing a powerful overlay of all of my strengths and having Tami teach me that it was okay not only to focus on the client but also to focus on my strengths and myself, was needed.

I truly believe this course should be on every aspiring and seasoned online entrepreneurs’ syllabus for learning how to do online business.

Tamisha Ford, TamishaFord.com



Your Course Facilitator

Hi, I’m Tami Dawn and it is an honor to welcome you to this work.

I created the assessment How You Are Wired To Work because I found the number one question all solopreneurs will arrive at is, “What do I do now?”

There comes a point where the answers you are looking for aren’t readily available from the outside because the answer is in self-awareness. 

Playing to Your Strengths is interactive with exercises and inquiries designed to draw out what is relevant to your situation.  

You don’t need more information. You need a way to see for yourself who you are when you are in your strengths. 






This is a group course with interaction.

The course material is delivered through a beautiful private portal and all your course information is organized for easy access and downloads.

Teaching is delivered through screencast videos, MP3 recordings, and weekly live calls.

You will find templates, workbooks, examples and tools you can use every time you need to clear confusion, integrate what is out of balance, and sink more deeply into the core of your being. 

You’ll also have access to a private community which will host feedback discussions and conversation.



Ready to see who you are, who you’ve always been

and who you are intended to be?


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Molly Morrissey
Tami is one wise woman!

She’s led me to just the right insights about my offerings and client process – insights that are helping me stay in my best work each day, insights that are having a wonderful impact on my bottom line.




Ali ShapiroI took Tami’s Playing to Your Strengths course not because I needed another personality test but because I needed to learn how to bring more of my strengths to a marketplace that felt like it didn’t want the strengths of depth and nuance I have and I know the market needs.

By understanding the common patterns in my strengths and how these created weaknesses in how I talk about what I do, I learned how to better communicate why the market needs my way of working.

Tami’s course enabled me to see the beauty in my way of working rather than feeling stuck in frustration. Her savvy insights also enabled me to bring a creative side of myself that was dormant back to life, which has re-inspired me in my business and life.

I cannot thank you enough Tami!

Ali Shapiro, AliShapiro.com



Helen Tremethick
With Playing To Your Strengths, Tami Smith has masterfully created a system that helps business owners understand how they are “wired to work” then create a strategy playbook to reconfiguring their lives (and businesses) to success.

No matter where you are on your path, Playing To Your Strengths is a must-have self-help kit for business owners everywhere.



Erin Kurup

I just want to say that this group and the work we’re doing are amazing!

My brain is on fire with insights, and I’m soaking up all the wisdom and conversation floating around in here.




Jeffrey Magone of The Zen TechThis course has been immensely helpful in getting crystal clear on where my strengths & weaknesses lie within these Zones of Genius you’ve developed. It’s also helped me to recognize more fundamentally, that our purpose is to be & express fully who we are and that this authenticity is what generate resonance in the marketplace.

For some reason, I hadn’t fully grokked that yet… I suppose because I’d gotten preoccupied with the myriad nuances of building a business and ran right past this most crucial 1st step of making sure what I was endeavoring to build was truly aligned with how I am naturally wired to contribute best.

Thank you, Tami for all you’ve done, as this “lighthouse” of work will be of immense assistance to all who might feel slightly adrift and are fortunate enough to find this solid ground to build on!

Jeffrey Magone, Owner of The Zen Tech



Leslie Forman


I redid my site, for what feels like the millionth time…

This course has helped me to clarify my strengths and communicate them in a much more concise way!


Leslie Forman, LeslieForman.com



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