Working With Ideal Clients


There is a fantasy that once we figure out the profile of our ideal customer everything in our business will start to make sense.

  • No more confusion about what offers will sell
  • No more writer’s block when working on newsletters
  • Social media will fall into place
  • Gain the support and camaraderie of all those influencers with big lists

There’s a reason we have unreal expectations about what will happen once we know who our ideal client is. 

Those expectations have been created by marketers who profit from these false beliefs. 

But that doesn’t negate the need for understanding your target market and the pain points of an ideal client. Especially if you are going to serve that target market with a solution designed for their needs.  

The question we are really asking is:  diflucan therapy for disseminated valley fever black black paper woman woman work work writer writer 2000 word essay page length essay topics for the bluest eye by toni morrison college essay help cheap mba expository essay samples cialis 5 mg ka para go here svu dde ma english assignments pfizer study women viagra responsibility in frankenstein essay carl vine percussion symphony analysis essay lexapro information english proofreading online thesis statement on servant leadership case study topics philippines buy antabuse without a prescription expository essay martin luther king jr family nurse practitioner essay research paper peer edit worksheet source site source url click here master thesis richtig zitieren follow url lyrica seroquel combination treatments for fibromyalgia How do you know who is going to buy from you and what their motivations are?

Before you spend money on marketing and advertising you want to get the details right.

Do you start with the ideal client profile to come up with your message or does your ideal client become evident as you refine your core message?

To help answer that question let’s look at the Spinning Dancer.

This is an optical illusion that went viral back in 2008.

Some people see her spinning clockwise, others counterclockwise. A few can see her change from one way to another. It is a powerful experience – especially if two people are looking at the same time with different perceptions.

It is a reminder that not everything is as it appears. 

The spinning dancer has a message for us.

We don’t all see things the same way. 

I started to relax a lot of the ideas I had acquired over the years of working in sales and marketing. 

Sometimes you look out and study the market and sometimes you design based on following your heart.

I work primarily with creative visionaries and one thing I’ve noticed is that everything from marketing, to branding, to sales, is more effective with an inside-out approach. 

Here’s the inside-out way.


First, you start from the premise that you are going to work within your strengths and create messages that showcase who you are. 

What feels natural and easy for you? 

Always start there.

Do you believe in the power of myth? Myths in this context are stories or narratives symbolizing sacred truths from the past.  Myths provide a way of explaining when language falls short. Use your natural warmth and appreciation for paradoxes and contradictions in human complexity.

Do you believe in a methodical approach? Then present the system and step by step way. Your ideal client will read everything on the page and will love anything presented in a straightforward, rules-driven, how-to approach.

Do you believe in magic? Let the magic guide you as you move with grace, rhythm and beauty. Your ideal client will recognize the authentic movement in you and she will trust that.


It is no secret that I believe in the power of myth.

Weaving Beauty is a story that brings us close to the meaning behind our time of failure or when something unravels. 

I embrace the mystery.

There is always the gift of synchronicity.


I worked for Google back in 2007 which impacted my philosophy. I come back to this advice from John Mueller

“I really strongly recommend finding a topic that you are passionate and knowledgeable on, and focusing on that. In the long run, having extremely high-quality, unique, and compelling content — is going to be much more important for your website.

Be patient, take your time, build something that is absolutely fantastic.  This is not about including relevant keywords or writing “articles” with a specific word-count or keyword density, it’s about building a website with a community of passionate users who go to your site (and who recommend it to everyone) because it is by far the absolute best of its kind.”


And Eric Ward summed it up best in his Man vs. Machine post:

“I’ve said many times the Web is often self-organizing. Thirty-seven people with the same weird foot fungus will find each other. Why? Because the web is made up of curators in every subject and direction. No diplomas needed. Just a passion for your topic and a skin rash. You are the algorithm, my friend, and you always have been.”



Your Ideal Clients Will Find You 

time to inspire written on a chalk board Don’t overlook the fact that most people are looking for someone who can inspire them. Inspiration isn’t about sharing sparkly or positive quotes.

Inspiration is a byproduct of how deeply you care.

Sometimes, in fact, most of the time, what we need is to step back from the thinking-controlling-anxiety-mind and move into our feeling-alive-knowing-heart.

Honestly, when my clients are struggling to write sales copy I help them connect to their feeling and it creates a shift. All of the sudden words start pouring. It is heartfelt, sincere, and impactful. 


Get into it.

Have conversations about it.

Live it.

Your ideal clients will want to come with you.

I promise you that there are people thirsty for what you know.

You don’t have to find them. They will find you.

If you need help creating an ideal client profile that brings clarity to your marketing check out my

Ideal Client Clarity Sessions!


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About the Author:

Tami Smith is the founder of The Dawning Point and creator of "Where Do You Shine" assessment which has helped self-explorers, soul seekers, and visionaries strengthen their confidence, focus, and purpose.