My Buyer Persona and Ideal Client Details


Would you like to see how I’ve created a plan to serve my ideal client?

It’s a work in progress but here’s what I know now and what I’m keeping in mind as I plan offers, resources, and content. 

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I’m thinking about her at three different stages

  • when she is curious
  • when she wants to dig a little deeper to understand my method
  • and when she is ready for a coaching package

Not three personas but three versions of her. I’ll explain this later but first…


Let’s look at the overall picture


As a Creative Visionary, she is a blend of Humanistic, Spontaneous, and Methodical (buyer type). SehnsuchtEven though she isn’t competitive, she is convicted. She marches to her drum and wants to follow her heart. She is primarily relationship-driven. She wants to expand possibilities without losing her ground. She’s fluid. She has enough water in her chart (astrologically speaking) to keep herself emotionally connected to her work and sometimes all those emotions are overwhelming. She over-thinks.

Her Scenario:

Tested with many “life lessons” she has a stronger sense of who she is. She’s bringing a lot of her soul to the work she does. She has been studying marketing and has implemented quite a bit already yet hasn’t seen the return she was promised (and needs to have).

In a word, she has marketing fatigue. 

There’s no clear way forward. 



Her fears run the gamut: being misunderstood, invisible, not making enough money, and of course, the fear that maybe she has missed something important about this whole marketing thing. 

Desires are plenty: More than anything she would like to have some stability, but that won’t happen if people come to her website and then leave without a trace.

are you clear about your value propositionShe wants to know how to reach people who will understand the value of her work.

She wonders if she is clear enough about the value.

Questioning that makes her head spin and ties up her stomach in knots.

She wonders if being a solopreneur is good for her. 

How she sees herself: It depends on the day but overall she knows she is the Phoenix Rising. Life hasn’t been easy, and she is okay with that because she has grown through her struggles. She identifies with some archetypes: 

Poet, seeker, artisan, alchemist, visionary, challenger, muse, designer, intuitive, reformer, enthusiast


Now it is time to turn inward. I start asking myself about the specific ways I want to help. 


What do I care about and what do I want her to know? 

First, I want her to know that I get it.

I’ve been there, and so have many of my clients. We hit those grooves where the spinning mind throws us off balance. Our hearts can be so full of love and beauty- bursting with the desire to share what we know. We are in awe of the way life moves. The downloads come with new possibilities for ourselves and the world. But then the excitement fades, and the way forward isn’t clear. The questions come up again. How can a business be organized in a way which is creatively and spiritually nourishing, and also productive and profitable?


What do I want to do?

I want to listen. I want to hear you describe your work and how you’ve arrived here. I want to uncover the blocks and expose the best direction to take moving forward. When we talk about your business, I don’t put you into a box. I don’t ask you to define your value proposition and target market when you don’t know. Those are the things that trip you up and start the doubting. Especially in a personal brand. Instead, I let those things reveal themselves through conversation. Then I can reflect it back to you and help you to see more clearly.

We have conversations.

You feel the truth of what you are saying, the power and conviction of your voice resonates. You begin untangling much-needed logic. Through this process, you start to see with clarity. You know what matters to your prospective buyer. You expose the root of the problem. You weave kindness and lightness into your conversation. 


How do I use this information to design content?

First I need to define Kate at the three stages, curious, hands-on, and purposeful.  

Curious Kate has heard it so many times she is starting to believe it: “How can you market to a client if you don’t have a clear picture of who that is? “ And she is wondering how to narrow down to one type of person. It just doesn’t make sense. That’s just the beginning of the questions right now. The bigger issue is visibility and feeling confident to put herself out there. She’s curious about other ways of marketing. Is there something besides focusing on target markets and ideal clients all the time? 

In general – people in the curiosity stage aren’t sure about what they need.

I have to remember that there will be Kates who arrive on my site either from search, social media, or because a friend recommended me. The first thing I want to provide is assurance that I understand her situation. She wants to get to know me to determine if my values and vibe aligns with hers. The best thing I can do is to be authentic. 

In the Curiosity Stage I want to offer things like: 

  • Articles/blog posts
  • Free Downloads
  • Assessments/Quizzes
  • Samples
  • Big Picture orientation through my about page and story

Hands-on Kate is pretty solid on her ideal client but struggles with gaps in her business marketing. She has a burning desire to work more in her zone of genius. She’s at the stage where she is tapping into the source of success vs. copying someone else or following rules, blueprints, and formulas. Timing is important to her. Things need to unfold so that her inner-wisdom and intuition are guiding.

In general, when someone is in the hands-on or (try before buying) stage, they want easy to access, low price point solutions.

I want to offer things like:

  • Assessments
  • Case Studies
  • Workshops
  • DIY products
  • Low investment/ High-value offers

Purposeful Kate is ready to make something happen. She wants to be more visible. She has ideas but keeps bumping up against her limits. There’s resistance. She is starting to doubt herself again. Yes, her work is pioneering. It is out of the box, wonderfully so. It feels so overwhelming and draining to be constantly promoting and selling.   Without support from a thought-partner, she will continue to spin and procrastinate. She needs individual coaching to work through this and make it happen.

In general, when someone is in the purposeful stage they are ready to buy your larger packages or longer term services.

I want to provide:

  • Testimonials
  • Payment Plans
  • Risk Reducing Starts or Guarantees
  • Options
  • Objections Answered
  • A solid Sales Story  


So there you have it.

That’s the overview of my persona and how I am designing content, smaller products, and paths to work with me.

If you have a buyer persona go back and look at her scenario, needs, fears, and desires at the three stages of curiosity, ready to try, and ready for deeper work. 

Knowing these details helps you to design for her needs and to fill marketing and sales funnel gaps. 

And if you want help planning your content strategy, and sales funnel for your ideal client I’m here



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Tami Smith is the founder of The Dawning Point and creator of "Where Do You Shine" assessment which has helped self-explorers, soul seekers, and visionaries strengthen their confidence, focus, and purpose.

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