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Personal Branding is complicated. On one hand, we’ve been taught how to brand ourselves unintentionally by wearing certain labels and identifying with our culture or family values. Think of it as the costume you put on. Like being more of a jeep person vs a BMW person.  On the other hand, we’re told to stand out. To differentiate ourselves from others and be our authentic self. 

On the other hand, we’re told to stand out. To differentiate ourselves from others and to find something that defines us or demonstrates our values. Not just the things you identify with, like being a jeep person, but something that shines through you as distinct as your fingerprint. 

In this series on personal branding, I’m teaching an approach that uses (1) the three zones of genius, (2) innate strengths, and (3) your values as the foundation for communicating aspects of your uniqueness. 

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In the example below, I’m taking the values of “Beauty, Love. Sacrifice, Transformation” to show you one way you might be able to look at your values and draw inspiration for your brand language and brand colors. 



If you have beauty as a value it means you are drawn to balance and harmony and want to make the world a more beautiful place to live in. Your originality is important to you. In the words of John O’Donohue:

Beauty does not linger; it only visits.

Yet beauty’s visitation affects us and invites us into its rhythm; it calls us to feel, think and act beautifully in the world: to create and live a life that awakens the Beautiful.

Beauty is associated with the color pink or lavender. Pink denotes universal love. It is soft and warm. Lavender represents beauty and femininity ( a grown-up pink).





Love, like beauty, is a value that inspires all you do. It enables you to give and receive. It takes courage (heart) to love. There is a dropping of defenses and a soft-hearted, open transparency. You move toward inclusion and acceptance as you work toward making the world a more loving place to live.

Red is the most obvious color for love. It speaks to the intensity, passion, desire, and courage to bring all of you to what you do. It is the color of blood, fire, and power.




Sacrifice is giving up one thing to have something else. You give up something of lesser value for the greater. 

It is about balance and equilibrium.

Sacrifice as a value is often found with people who have a strength of discernment and logic because seeing what serves a situation is the first step in knowing what to sacrifice. It is a way of giving up what no longer serves you. Bringing things into a balance for the greater good.

The color of sacrifice is either red or green. In this case, I’m going to go with green because it feels like there’s a healing aspect to this kind of sacrifice paired with the other values. And green is the color of balance.



Transformation is going in with no idea of what will come out on the other side. If you have the value of transformation you are a mature soul and have experienced painful loss in this life. Out of that loss, you’ve changed in ways that expand your capacity for love, compassion, and understanding.  “Trans” means change in form, change in shape. Transformation as a value signifies an ability to see beyond current circumstances and realities. This value is often found as a primary value of the Creative Visionary.

The color for transformation is Magenta.

“A combination of red and violet, magenta contains the passion, power, and energy of red, restrained by the introspection and quiet energy of violet.

Magenta influences our whole personal and spiritual development. It strengthens our intuition and psychic ability while assisting us to rise above the everyday dramas of our daily life to experience a greater level of awareness and knowledge.

This color is an instrument of change and transformation; it helps to release old emotional patterns that prevent personal and spiritual development and aids us in moving forward.” source



Ready to see this color scheme?




Pink, Red, Green, Magenta

What do you feel? Do you feel the warm invitation of possibilities? A graceful expression and transformative movement into one’s potential? Soothing and exciting at the same time. Out of the grounding of nature comes the blossoming depth of color signifying your potential isn’t just realized it is deepened. 


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