The frustration when you are not manifesting

When you can’t manifest and you are running out of money.


“Stop beating around the bush, turning in circles, going around and around and driving yourself crazy.

Put some structure in your lazyass life. Choose a destination and make it happen.

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Buyer Type vs Buyer Persona

Buyer Type vs Buyer Persona


With all the emphasis on creating a buyer persona for better marketing it stands to reason that we should start with the basics  – like what is a Buyer Type and what is a Buyer Persona? 


Let’s start with a Buyer Persona. 

A buyer persona is a description […]

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New Beginnings: Showing Up When Your World Is Dissolving

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on showing up for work when things are falling apart. Part 1 explores the importance of being sensitive to your heart; Part 2 is on how the obstacle becomes the path.

In this final post, we’ll look at the beauty and […]

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