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There’s a unique story behind your life’s work. Do you know how to tell it? 

If you have a lot to give but don’t know how to connect all the dots between what you do and the market need you serve, you are not alone. Branding, marketing, and selling are vital skills but there’s something else, and if you miss it, you lose the best part.

The best part is being able to tell your story without feeling exploited or inauthentic.

The best part is expressive integrity.

You have to know what parts of your journey are the most relevant and why. You are asking people to trust you, to follow you, to look to you for answers in difficult and often confusing situations. You have soul presence, and I can help you to amplify it. If there’s an obstacle on your entrepreneurial journey, you don’t have to face it alone. 

I’ve been coaching solo-entrepreneurs and cultural creatives since 2008, and in that time, I’ve helped a lot of good people find their answer.

I would love to help you too.



What My Clients Say About Their Coaching Experience 


Tami is someone who gets, importantly not just from theory but from her own experience, what it’s like to brave the wilderness of the unknown in pursuit of your most purposeful contribution to the world.

She is precise in both her thinking and her articulation of this experience while acknowledging the deep feelings that surface, so serves not only as an incredible guide but also as a true, supportive ally for visionaries who dare to turn inward and explore what is possible.

There is no shortage of people on the internet who will teach you to sell. While I wanted someone with traditional sales knowledge, I didn’t want the traditional online approach of selling. I want people who want to engage with my offerings so they experience the lasting impacting that I know is possible for them.

This involved being able to tell a sales story that had a range of moving parts unique to my strengths: how to talk with my audience so they know they are ready to do the work, how to structure my holistic understanding of their challenges in a concrete, useful way and then how to restructure my offerings to make this doable.

Tami not only supported me through this, but she laid out the various structures for me to accomplish this. Her groundbreaking work enabled me to remain true to my point of view and make selling something that finally, didn’t feel uncomfortable. This clarity and permission have made me better at what I do and how I offer it.

I will be forever grateful to Tami for her visionary approach to sales.

Working with her has rejuvenated me, injected so much more creative fulfillment in my business and enabled me to facilitate greater impact for my clients.

Ali Shapiro, Truce with Food

I originally felt torn about which direction to go with business coaching. I thought I needed to “buckle down” and get serious with strategy and structure. Then I talked to Tami.

She made me realize that though strategy and structure are important, they do nothing without first connecting to the depth of your unique story.

With Tami’s brilliance and insight I launched my Just F*cking Journal class and have created an opt-in that speaks directly to my audience. What I wanted was someone to give me the answers. What I got was someone who helped me find my own.

Jamie Greenwood, Coach & Speaker

When I started The Dawning Point I knew I would talk about being a creative force, a disruptor, and catalyst for change.

It took me longer than I ever dreamed it would, but I can finally talk about the things that matter.
Everything I’ve experienced (all the ups and downs) have prepared me so that I can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you while you unearth your story. I had to come out from hiding and face the inner-saboteurs that were holding me back.  If anyone understands limits and a burning fire to get through them, I do. It’s my specialty.
This coaching process gets right to the heart of who you are and what you are here to do (your life’s work). You emerge with direction, a clear voice, and a distinct brand. 
Let’s Talk

What Is Included

Because this is transformational coaching there’s more to this than meets the eye but here’s a list of some of the challenges we’ve resolved in coaching.


  • I need a language to articulate what I do. People don’t get my services and why they are valuable.
  • I don’t know how to organize all of my content into a brand story that is unique.
  • I have a hard time putting myself out there, and I don’t know if that will ever change. 
  • I had a spiritual awakening, and it changed the way I want to work and what I want to do.
  • I have been putting in a ton of work with little payoff. It is taking a toll on my emotional well being.
  • I’m entering midlife transition and want to reinvent my career.
  • I want to do more of the work I love and need help getting there.

All of our sessions are via UberConference, and you can connect via phone or the internet. 

Call recordings, call notes, resources, and all of our work is accessible to you through your private portal. 

Heartfelt Support ♥  


It is vital in all coaching relationships to ensure resonance and connection before working together. 


Get started now!

Click on the Let’s Talk button to access my calendar where you can schedule a complimentary get-to-know-each-other session. 

The fact that you are here and interested in this work says so much. You can trust the process. If you are in a financial situation that is blocking you from receiving this vital support, please let me know on the call, and I’ll give you information about our scholarship list. 


Let’s Talk

Sales Coaching with Tami helped me put together the marketing pieces in a way I never could on my own – even after five years of trying! Tami helped me get clear on what I wanted to sell based on my own needs and goals as well as who I most wanted to serve.

Because I’m a writer, I was being really hard on myself – writing a sales story and all the other elements of my sales funnel should be easy, I thought! Tami helped me understand that writing marketing material like this requires a separate skill set.

She modeled just what I needed to know as we put together my plan and she empowered me to replicate it when I create other offers. I feel like I’ve entered a promising, exciting new phase of entrepreneurship thanks to Tami’s wisdom, compassion, and support.

Marisa Goudy, Writing Coach

Where to begin with all the good things I could say about Tami & her support? I’ve worked with other business coaches—who are mostly geared toward working with other coaches. My way of working in the world is not that cookie cutter and Tami gets that. She also helped me to recognize & see that I am first and foremost a writer—and that those drawn to the way I express myself in that way, will be drawn to the work I offer. That was a BIG shift for me. And a far more comfortable way of navigating the sometimes choppy waters of bringing my gifts to the world.

And one more thing: She helped me organize my material. I thought I had to keep generating more and more but no, I needed to get what I had organized so I could see how much work I’d already done.

Thank you, Tami!

Tami is a such a gift. I’m so grateful for all of her help wading thru my story of bits and pieces, bringing them all together and finding myself and what I bring to offer my clients and the planet.

Without the work and time, we spent together my focus on what I’m delivering would not have been clear. She helped me sift thru the fine details and pull together the most magical parts of me and what I do. I’m so grateful for her wisdom and gifts she brings each and every time we spend together. I’m now able to move forward with clarity and a greater understanding of who I am and what I offer. I’m forever grateful.

Thank you, Tami!

Sherrie Wirth, Divine Messages

Tami’s methods and mindset for solo entrepreneurs are unmatched. I personally can vouch for her graceful delivery, innovative perspective and customized conversation that simply can’t be found anywhere else, online or otherwise.

If anyone can understand the dawning point or the place where an epiphany can provide privilege into new pathways for how we interact with our right customers, it’s certainly Tami Smith.

I also greatly appreciate her support for the solo-entrepreneurial experience as a whole – she is willing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you while you build your brand, with no “expectations” for how you have to look in your conversation to feel supported or recognized by her for the work you do.

Tamisha Ford, Distinction Studio