Morning Work To Transform Your Life

Sit quietly and listen.

‘To what?’, we ask.

‘Just listen’ comes the reply.

What's Your What

When you know it is time to do something different but you don't know where to start.

That Elusive Thing

You can’t quite explain what’s next, or why you need to make a change but something’s emerging and you’ve got to get to it. Getting to the what is the most important step to fulfilling your dream. 

What’s Your What

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We are gathering together to change the narrative of what it means to work solo and how to navigate the ‘not yet’. Bring your ideas, concerns, experience and join us in this adventure.  

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Our Core Values

Our engagement with the world is inspired by the sanctity of life. We value the contribution of the individuals in this self-organizing community and the awakening of spirit in everyday life. 

Our Clients and Community Members Say

Tami is someone who gets, importantly not just from theory but from her own experience, what it’s like to brave the wilderness of the unknown in pursuit of your most purposeful contribution to the world.

She is precise in both her thinking and her articulation of this experience while acknowledging the deep feelings that surface, so serves not only as an incredible guide but also as a true, supportive ally for visionaries who dare to turn inward and explore what is possible.


Tami not only supported me through this, but she laid out the various structures for me to accomplish this. Her groundbreaking work enabled me to remain true to my point of view and make selling something that finally, didn’t feel uncomfortable.This clarity and permission have made me better at what I do and how I offer it.

I will be forever grateful to Tami for her visionary approach to sales.

Working with her has rejuvenated me, injected so much more creative fulfillment in my business and enabled me to facilitate greater impact for my clients.

Ali Shapiro, Truce With Food

Tami’s methods and mindset for solo entrepreneurs are unmatched. I personally can vouch for her graceful delivery, innovative perspective and customized conversation that simply can’t be found anywhere else, online or otherwise.

If anyone can understand the dawning point or the place where an epiphany can provide privilege into new pathways for how we interact with our right customers, it’s certainly Tami Smith.

I also greatly appreciate her support for the solo-entrepreneurial experience as a whole – she is willing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you while you build your brand, with no “expectations” for how you have to look in your conversation to feel supported or recognized by her for the work you do.

Sherrie Wirth, Divine Messages

Where to begin with all the good things I could say about Tami & her support? I’ve worked with other business coaches—who are mostly geared toward working with other coaches. My way of working in the world is not that cookie cutter and Tami gets that. She also helped me to recognize & see that I am first and foremost a writer—and that those drawn to the way I express myself in that way, will be drawn to the work I offer. That was a BIG shift for me. And a far more comfortable way of navigating the sometimes choppy waters of bringing my gifts to the world.

And one more thing: She helped me organize my material. I thought I had to keep generating more and more but no, I needed to get what I had organized so I could see how much work I’d already done.

Thank you, Tami!

Tami is equal parts smart and intuitive. She’s business savvy and she’s compassionate. She’s logical and highly creative. She’s collaborative and way-showing.

I respect and admire Tami Smith so greatly. Her insight and support will be invaluable to any business owner who invites her into their work.

Carrie Klassen, Pink Elephant Communications

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