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Hi, I’m Tami Smith Founder of The Dawning Point 

The light is coming over the horizon, and it holds the promise of a new day. 

If you’ve struggled to find your place, or the right words, or the courage to share your story you are not alone. 
I’m glad you found your way here. The world needs you, your voice, and unique gifts because we all play a part in the evolution.  We have work to do and it is through our kinship we will accomplish the mission. 
I’m here to share my story and to provide support for your journey as a conscious creator, maker, and pioneer.
Today is the day you begin again.

Coaching and consulting services for explorers, creative visionaries, and ordinary folks

who are responding to the whispers of their soul.


A unique and proven process

to show you how to bring more of who you are to the work you do.


Tami is equal parts smart and intuitive.

She’s business savvy and she’s compassionate.

She’s logical and highly creative.

She’s collaborative and way-showing.

I respect and admire Tami Smith so greatly.

Her insight and support will be invaluable to any business owner who invites her into their work!

Carrie Klassen, , Pink Elephant Communications

Your path is defined by what you do but more importantly, why you do it. 

For the last two years, I have been writing on the sly while attempting halfheartedly to create a business I love. What it took me a long time to realize is that writing my novel is what I love, and anything else is a distraction.

So if my book is the business, then my sales copy is the love letter I send to potential agents, it’s the pithy book jacket description of my heroine’s adventure, it’s the personal story I relate to my readers.

That’s where Tami comes in.

She is a master at hearing what needs to be said and guiding people like me through the creation of empathetic, aligned-to-the-core, bursting-with-confidence stories that sell one’s most important work to one’s most significant audience.

Mentor, guide, teacher, intuitive story catcher…Tami is them all. If you haven’t worked with her yet, I strongly suggest that you do.

Stormy Sweitzer, Stormy Sweitzer

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