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Knowing your dominant strength is the first step in unlocking your potential. 


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When you have something important to do

like start a new career, launch a business,

or work out conflict in a relationship

you want to be at your best.






I know how it feels to be doing your best and yet your best doesn’t seem to be good enough. 

It can be confusing. Should you dig in and apply more grit? Maybe you need to let go and see how things unfold. 

Do you try to be more agreeable or should you take a stronger stance? 

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It starts with a simple question.

Where do you Shine? 

Getting clear on who you are unlocks your potential.



Sometimes, it is just a matter of defining

your strengths clearly enough

to see how to apply them.

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“It was spot on, all of it. quite spookily accurate to be honest with you. I wanted to cry when I read it.”


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“This assessment is a needed way of seeing ourselves and very different than other stuff I’ve seen. I LOVE the distinctions you’re making among thinkers.”





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