Hi, I’m Tami Smith Founder of The Dawning Point 

When I think of the world that could be, I see the potential of finding our way back to our true place as participators, not merely consumers.
As we begin to realize that consciousness is not something we have but what we are, it will change the way we view ourselves and our relationships. However, that world is not yet fully realized. It needs our help. It needs your help. Our culture has lost something vital that needs to be rediscovered and nurtured back into wholeness.
People, like yourself, who find their way to The Dawning Point want to contribute to this rediscovery and healing. They want to bring their gifts to the table to be received, acknowledged, and used for the making of a new world. 

The most important task is to hold your vision until you can bring it to fruition. 

It takes a commitment. 


I love this coaching process. It has taken many years to refine my method and combine the needs of soul and business. We go right to the heart of who you are and what you are here to do (your life’s work) and clear away obstacles on the path. You emerge from the process with direction, focus, a clear voice, and a distinct brand. 

Tami is equal parts smart and intuitive.

She’s business savvy and she’s compassionate.

She’s logical and highly creative.

She’s collaborative and way-showing.

I respect and admire Tami Smith so greatly.

Her insight and support will be invaluable to any business owner who invites her into their work!

Carrie Klassen, , Pink Elephant Communications

Tami is a master at hearing what needs to be said and guiding people like me through the creation of empathetic, aligned-to-the-core, bursting-with-confidence stories that sell one’s most important work to one’s most significant audience.

Mentor, guide, teacher, intuitive story catcher…Tami is them all. If you haven’t worked with her yet, I strongly suggest that you do.

Stormy Sweitzer, Stormy Sweitzer


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