“Dawn and resurrection are synonymous.

The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul.”   Victor Hugo





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Think back to the promise you made to yourself


You promised yourself you would not live in regrets or “what ifs.” 

You were willing to face the dragons of self-doubt and step out on your own.

You started your business, your book, or your path 

and now you’ve hit a limit you just can’t break through.


I know this desire.

 I understand the frustration.  




If we haven’t met yet, I’m Tami Smith

founder of The Dawning Point.  


Just a few years ago I was asking myself

“Why doesn’t this solopreneurial life

work for me?”  


I was frustrated, confused, and wondering if

I had made a mistake in choosing to work on my own.

My fear was that I wasn’t going to overcome

my biggest obstacle, questioning everything. 


My curious, creative, visionary nature was both a blessing and a curse.  

 The desire to move beyond the surface, quick fix mentality, kept pulling me

toward an inner revolution. 

I wanted to do much more than talk about how to sell,

I wanted to be more than a good marketer,

I wanted to know what was driving me.  


Stormy Sweitzer For the last two years, I have been writing on the sly while attempting halfheartedly to create a business I love. What it took me a long time to realize is that writing my novel is what I love, and anything else is distraction.

So if my book is the business, then my sales copy is the love letter I send to potential agents, it’s the pithy book jacket description of my heroine’s adventure, it’s the personal story I relate to my readers.

That’s where Tami comes in.

She is a master at hearing what needs to be said and guiding people like me through the creation of empathetic, aligned-to-the-core, bursting-with-confidence stories that sell one’s most important work to one’s most significant audience.

Mentor, guide, teacher, intuitive story catcher…Tami is them all. If you haven’t worked with her yet, I strongly suggest that you do.



I work with mature souls, outliers, lone wolves, and pioneers

together we

face the difficulty and joy of getting

to the fiery center of life and work.  



Ali ShapiroThere’s no shortage of people on the internet who will teach you to sell.

While I wanted someone with traditional sales knowledge, I didn’t want the traditional online approach of selling. I want to draw people who are ready and eager to engage with my work so they experience the lasting impacting that I know is possible for them.

Tami not only supported me through this, but she laid out the various structures for me to accomplish this. Her groundbreaking work enabled me to remain true to my point of view and make selling something that finally, didn’t feel uncomfortable.

I’m better at what I do and how I offer it.

I will be forever grateful to Tami for her visionary approach to sales. Working with her has rejuvenated me, injected so much more creative fulfillment in my business and enabled me to facilitate greater impact for my clients. 


Change is Challenging.


Growth is Painful.


We all hit those times where the spinning mind throws us off balance.

Sometimes life’s twists and turns leave you between two worlds.

 The verge of a breakthrough can feel like a breakdown.


Carrie Klassen
Tami is equal parts smart and intuitive.

She’s business savvy and she’s compassionate. She’s logical and highly creative. She’s collaborative and way-showing. I respect and admire Tami Smith so greatly.

Her insight and support will be invaluable to any business owner who invites her into their work.


You can find the clarity you’ve been searching for,

and you don’t have to do this alone. 


It is time to turn inward and listen to that still small voice.

It has a  message for you.

You’ve been leaving yourself clues your entire life.

Would you like to go on a treasure hunt and find what is waiting for you?